Frontier speaks at Forecasting Air Transport conference in Cologne

Frontier speaks at Forecasting Air Transport conference in Cologne

Chris Cuttle, of Frontier Economics, today spoke at the Forecasting Air Transport conference in Cologne, hosted by the German Aviation Research Society in co-operation with Airbus and the German Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research (DLR). The conference provides a forum at which experts from industry, academia and government from around Europe meet to discuss key issues facing demand forecasting in aviation.

Chris presented a summary of Frontier’s recent work for Heathrow Airport on demand forecasting. Frontier worked closely with Heathrow on its response to the Airports Commission’s consultation on expanding airport capacity in the South East of England. Frontier’s analysis argued that an expansion at Heathrow would provide greater certainty for improving the UK’s long haul connectivity than an expansion at Gatwick. The Airport Commission’s final report, published in 2015, recommended an expansion at Heathrow, commenting that Heathrow was best-placed to provide long haul destinations to new markets, which it argued were most urgently required.

Frontier advises airlines, airports and governments around the world on issues relating to competition and regulation in the aviation sector, covering both passenger and cargo markets.

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