Starting 2024 with promotions across the firm

Starting 2024 with promotions across the firm

We’re delighted to announce a number of promotions at Frontier, within our management team.

You can read more about each individual below:

Our new Directors

Catherine Galano

Catherine has over a decade of experience advising clients on strategy, regulatory and policy issues across sectors, with a focus on energy and transport, in France and at EU level. Her experience covers issues such as price controls and access regulation, investment appraisal, market design, litigation and policy evaluation.

Jon Adlard

Jon specialises in providing expert economic evidence in competition litigation cases. He has led much of Frontier’s work on some of the highest profile competition litigation cases brought before the E&W High Court and the CAT, including Trucks, BritNed, Power Cables and Gas Insulated Switchgear. As well as working closely with other testifying experts at Frontier, Jon has also acted as an expert witness on multiple cases.

Our New Associate Directors

Vicky Sedgwick

Vicky has over a decade of experience advising clients on a range of competition issues, with a particular focus on the economics of tech firms. Vicky has worked on cases before the European Commission, national competition authorities in the UK, and in the US, spanning merger cases and competition disputes. Her litigation work includes cases before the Competition Appeal Tribunal in the UK, including Merricks v Mastercard, Lovdahl Gormsen v Meta, and Pfizer and Flynn v CMA. She has previously worked in the US, where she focused on competition and tax disputes.

Carlotta Bonsignori

Carlotta has more than a decade of experience advising clients on a broad range of competition issues, with a focus on mergers, assessments of market power and abusive conduct, and market studies. She has experience both before the European Commission and national competition authorities and courts, particularly in the UK and Italy, and she has particular expertise in basic industries, telecoms, media and digital.

Chris Cuttle

Chris is an expert in transport economics. He has over 10 years of experience advising clients on competition, regulation and policy issues. He has worked closely with Heathrow for over 10 years on economic regulation – and recently acted as an expert witness at the H7 CMA appeal – as well as on commercial and policy issues, including expansion and decarbonisation. He advises a number of other airports, as well as airlines, and Uber.

Matt Shepherd

Matt has over ten years of experience as a transport economist, advising clients in the public and private sectors. Matt has worked extensively with lawyers, investors and other professionals to meet their clients’ needs. He has advised clients across all modes of transport on a wide range of topics, including on the potential impacts of decarbonisation and infrastructure investment.

Michael Yang

Michael has over 10 years of experience in economic regulation of network industries such as water, energy and transport. He specialises in regulatory finance and advises clients on assessing financial issues, such as the cost of capital and rate of returns, in the context of price regulation.

Our new Managers

We’re pleased to announce there have also been a number of promotions from consultant to manager:

Pauline Bertino, Monica Gambarin, Ann Zhang, Rachel Keyserlingk, Romain Defoort, Lino Sonnen, Marielle Grigsby-Rocca, Rowena Crawford, Sam Law, Caitlan Russell, Mike Naylor-Smith, Hanna Kristjansdottir, Fulvio Bondiolotti and David Fabricius.