The value of gas infrastructure in a decarbonised Spain

The value of gas infrastructure in a decarbonised Spain

The Naturgy Foundation publishes a study on the future value of gas infrastructure in a climate-neutral Spain.

Fernando Barrera and Pablo González presented a study by Frontier Economics and the University of Aachen published by the Naturgy Foundation. The study focuses on the value of gas infrastructure as an enabler of emission reductions across sectors using a system-wide cost analysis approach.

The study identifies four sources of value for renewable gases and the gas infrastructure:

  • Allows for the decarbonisation of sectors which are very hard to electrify such as many industrial processes, maritime and air transport and is the best option for seasonal storage of electricity;
  • Delivers significant savings for Spanish customers, estimated at more than €2bn per year;
  • Increases security of supply by reducing the need for electricity network expansions and increasing the resiliency of the energy sector; and
  • Can lead to an exporting industry which creates green jobs.

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