Action needed to advance decarbonisation of the transport sector

Action needed to advance decarbonisation of the transport sector

Frontier’s Michael Zähringer attends roundtable discussion with MEP, Heidi Hautala

Despite all current efforts from the EU, transport is the only sector which is not seeing a decline in carbon emissions, in fact, there has actually been an increase in yearly GHG emissions since 2014.

It’s clear that the need for further action in this sector must be addressed without delay. Technology-neutral EU regulations are required to develop renewable alternative fuels (such as biogas).

MEP Heidi Hautala, one of the Vice Presidents of the European Parliament, spoke at a Webinar ‘Political will to advance biogas for mobility’  on November 12 to discuss the options for EU legislation to better support the uptake of biomethane as a transport fuel.

The  webinar was attended by several Members of the European Parliament. Michael Zähringer, Manager in Frontier’s Energy practice in Cologne,  presented our study  “Crediting System for Renewable Fuels in EU Emission Standards for Road transport”, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

In our report, we propose a renewable fuel crediting system, which aims to level the playing field for a wide range of emission-reduction technologies. The design of our proposed system is based on the following four principles:

  1. Building on the existing sustainability certification scheme for transport fuels under RED/RED II
  2. Providing equal opportunity in emission-reduction options for road transport
  3. Ensuring the transport sector contributes to climate change efforts by reducing CO2emission
  4. Maintaining affordable individual mobility.

Click here to read our study in full.

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