Unlocking the power of location – the way ahead

Unlocking the power of location – the way ahead

Frontier Economics and the Geospatial Commission are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Geospatial Market Study’ and ‘Enhancing the UK’s Geospatial Ecosystem’ reports on Tuesday 24 November.

Frontier’s Sarah Snelson, Nick Fitzpatrick and Emily Nielsen worked on the independent study, on behalf of the Geospatial Commission, exploring the dynamics of the UK’s location data market. Frontier carried out a detailed and multi-faceted study involving extensive qualitative engagement and invocative forms of data triangulation. Our research, evidence gathering and analysis underpins the Geospatial Commission’s report ‘Enhancing the UK’s Geospatial Ecosystem’, in particular the recommended areas for policy action and development.

At the launch event today, Sarah Snelson outlined the key findings from the market study, which include:

  • Geospatial activity takes place in an ecosystem not a single market
  • Current industry definitions do not adequately capture the geospatial market
  • Geospatial capabilities underpin a range of key areas, such as financial services, adtech, proptech, agritech, automated mobility, construction, manufacturing and public services

Building on Frontier’s work, the Geospatial Commission’s report and the UK’s Geospatial Strategy, it’s clear that the value of creating, using and harnessing location data can generate societal benefits and will be crucial to addressing major challenges and supporting a flourishing economy.

Sir Andrew Dilnot, Geospatial Commission Chair, said

“Data about location is increasingly valuable to businesses throughout the UK economy, and it is important that the right conditions are in place to support its efficient access, trusted use and swift adoption. The Geospatial Commission has outlined key recommendations and actions, and looks forward to working with key partners across the public sector, to ensure that these conditions are enabled.  

I am grateful to Frontier Economics for their thoughtful and rigorous analysis of the UK’s geospatial data market, which takes a unique approach to identifying the full impact of geospatial data throughout the UK economy and is the main basis for the Geospatial Commission’s recommendations.”

Click here to view the report and here to read our market study.

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