Ofwat Final Methodology for PR24 (2025-2030)

The water sector is facing significant challenges, with pressure on water resources as a result of climate change, increased environmental ambition and the need to balance investment needs with customers facing an increase in the cost of living.

Addressing these challenges and the potential solutions will be a key focus for the sector over the coming years, and will be reflected in the development of companies’ business plans for the next regulatory period (PR24, 2025-2030). Ofwat’s Final Methodology for PR24, which was published on 13 December, sets out its expectations for how the sector should be looking to address these wider challenges, and sets the framework for how Ofwat will assess companies’ business plans for 2025-2030. Frontier will be advising our clients on the implications of the Methodology over the coming weeks, and advising on the development of the companies’ business plans.

Frontier continues to advise clients on some of the most pressing issues facing the sector e.g. outcome-based environmental regulation, smart metering, net zero, single social tariff. For further information please contact media@frontier-economics.com or call +44 (0) 20 7031 7000.