EIB publishes report on the results of its operations inside the EU

EIB publishes report on the results of its operations inside the EU

The European Investment Bank (EIB), the financial arm of the EU, has today published a report summarising the expected results of investment projects carried out in 2014 across the 28 EU member states. Frontier (Europe) contributed to the approach, economic analysis and write up of the report.

This is the first time that the EIB has published the expected results of new lending inside the EU. The Bank’s results management tool, the 3 Pillar Assessment Framework (3PA), is used to assess the expected impacts of investment projects. The report highlights that last year, the EIB committed a total of €69bn to more than 400 projects, aiming to deliver against the EIB’s public policy objectives including:

  • Innovation and skills;
  • Access to finance;
  • Infrastructure and environment; and
  • Climate action and social and economic cohesion.

The expected impacts of these investments include, among others, jobs being created or sustained, improvements in educational facilities, research and development, new loans to SMEs, additional transport, energy, health and social housing infrastructure, and environment and climate change improvements.

This report follows an early EIB study, published in June, of the expected results of its operations outside the EU. Frontier again contributed to the analysis and reporting for these non-EU operations, which support a number of EU external policy and development objectives, including:

  • Local private sector development;
  • Building critical social and economic infrastructure;
  • Promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation; and
  • Facilitating regional integration.

In 2014, the EIB committed to a total of €8bn in investment projects outside the EU in support of these objectives. Expected benefits include additional renewable energy capacity, improvements in water supply and sanitation, the formation of new SMEs and microenterprises and additional employment.

Frontier (Europe) regularly advises international financial institutions on the design and review of their results frameworks.

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