Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts

Dan is a Director in Frontier’s energy practice and has worked extensively within the gas and electricity sectors on network regulation, wholesale and retail competition issues and institutional arrangements.

In GB, Dan has advised a number of clients on market design and regulation issues.  He has worked extensively for Ofgem on projects including a review of the approach to setting incentives for System Operation (SO), the further definition of the transmission access regime, and the RPI-X@20 project to review the potential barriers created by current network regulation to the optimisation of networks.  Dan has also worked extensively for National Grid on issues including managing the impact of interconnector ramping in the future, the design and implementation of a Network Development Plan, and the evolution of network security standards to facilitate wind integration.  He also advised on their RIIO-T1 business plan and return on equity submissions.  Dan has advised both big six players and government on the design of and participation in the GB capacity market.

Dan regularly advises clients in France.  He advised GDF SUEZ Branche Infrastructure on developments in the European market (the gas target model), on approaches to addressing the increasing requirements for flexibility on the French network, and on network tarification throughout Europe.  Dan also advised GDF SUEZ on the implications of different approach to storage regulation throughout Europe.  Dan also advised GrDF on a number of strategic issues including the use of benchmarking and the potential benefits of their common operation with ERDF.  Dan has also advised on a number of regulatory due diligence projects in France, concerning both gas and electricity transmission networks.

Dan has acted as long term regulatory advisor to Bord Gáis Eireann and ESB on regulatory and market opening arrangements, advising across multiple price controls, and separately on issues of transmission tariffs, market integration and renewables integration.

Dan has worked on similar issues in a range of countries, including Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and Turkey.

Dan joined Frontier in April 2004.  Prior to this, Dan was an Associate Partner with IBM Business Consulting Services and previously with PricewaterhouseCoopers.